Huayuan G1 series inverter for CNC Machine Tool


Overview: This article is based on the working principle of CNC machine tools and technical requirements to introduce the application of Huayuan G1 series inverter to CNC machine tools. With low frequency, large torque, high steady speed precision, rapid dynamic response, high performance of acceleration and deceleration, Huayuan G1 series inverter can better meet the requirements of CNC machine tools. 1. Working principle of CNC machine tool CNC machine tool is a typical product of mechatronics, which is an automatic equipment composed of machine tool, computer, motor and drive, automatic control and detection. Overview: This article is [...]

Huayuan G1 series inverter for CNC Machine Tool2023-03-29T17:33:55+08:00

Huayuan G1 series inverter to water supply system


Release Time 2017-03-07     Click Number:429 1. Basic knowledge of constant pressure water supply system. 1.1. The basic structure and principle of water supply system Above is a simple water supply system, the water pump draws the low water into high pool or other pool by pressure, shows water supply pressure through pressure gauge, if the system water pressure exceeds or less than the preset pressure, it will be adjusted by manually adjusting the outlet valve, to meet users requirements. The actual speed of the pump motor is constant when adjusting the water pressure by opening the valve. 1.2. The [...]

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