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In August 2016, the first anniversary celebration of Huayuan Electric is held. We Still remember in the year 2015,Huayuan Electric was newly established, with only a few employees in a humble working office. In order to launch R&D work early, several colleagues were busy with finding a new office, recruiting new talented people and decorating the new office. To catch up with the schedule, they always worked during the whole night, finally a new comfortable office completed before the end of the year 2015.
Meanwhile, our engineers worked hard on research in the decorating office. Finally their efforts are rewarded, our new products are widely recognized by customers in the trial test.
Every success must be with employee’s sweat and diligence. In the first anniversary celebration, the company commends and recognizes those employees for theirs efforts and contributions, and encourages them to keep working hard in the future.

In the anniversary celebration, the General Manager listed 5 done-well items, but also listed 5 weak items. Hope that we can improve the sense of entrepreneurship, speed up the work progress, strengthen innovation in routing construction, catch up with the advanced level of the company on professionalization and standardization.
Those commended employees are from different positions. Some have made outstanding contributions on research and market development, some of them apply what they have learned to work, some of them are hard-working, without considering their personal gain or loss, some of them are new colleagues with rapid growth in new work environment.

After the anniversary celebration finished, the company arranged farm-based tourism, everyone enjoy the relaxed environment and promote the interaction between each other.
Those honored employees embody Huayuan’s spirit of ‘Tenacity, Unity, Exploration, Struggle’, hope they will make persistent efforts to achieve greater results in the future. We call on all of the employees to learn from them, to be dedicated and successful in work.
Results only represent the past, we also face challenges, let’s work together for a bright future!